UIF launches new online application portal – How it works

The Department of Labour has launched an online portal for applications to the UIF Temporary Employer-Employee Scheme (TERS).

This follows after problems were reported with the previous application process, which saw only 136 out of 39,000 applications successfully processed.

15,755 of these applications were duplicates, and of the remaining applications, only 16,534 were in the correct CSV file format. Of these, only 136 contained the correct information, said the UIF.

One of the biggest obstacles to completing the application process correctly was the requirement to submit a pipe-delimited CSV file, which requires Windows users to change settings in the Control Panel menu, according to instructions from the UIF.

New online applications

The UIF’s new online application portal aims to provide companies with a simpler method for completing TERS applications.

The online interface allows applicants to complete a series of online forms and register a profile on the department’s website.

This removes the need to submit a pipe-delimited CSV file as part of the application.

While supporting documentation is required – including a PDF confirmation of company banking details – applicants can now complete employee details one-by-one on the online platform.

How to apply

To begin the application process, users must visit the UIF TERS application portal.

From here, you can register a profile on the portal, supplying a username, password, email address, and contact number.

Once registered, you will be able to apply for TERS funding by entering your company’s information and banking details.

The TERS national disaster application system will then require you to accept memorandums of understanding (MOAs) before uploading confirmation of your business banking details.

You can then choose to upload a CSV file with employee details or add employees one-by-one directly on the portal itself.

After this step is completed, your application will be submitted and processed by the UIF.

It should be noted that the TERS national disaster application website is flagged by Google Chrome as “Not Secure”, due to its use of an outdated security system which the browser states may expose user information when it is sent to the website.

Below is a step-by-step guide supplied by the UIF for its TERS online application system.

Step-by-step guide

UIF application 1

UIF application 3-1

UIF application 3

UIF application 4-1

UIF application 5-1

UIF application 6-1

UIF application 7-1

UIF application 8-1

UIF application 9-1

UIF application 10-1

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UIF launches new online application portal – How it works