US considering cutting off tech supply to Russia

The Biden administration is contemplating taking control of semiconductor exports to Russia if the nation invades Ukraine, CBS News reported.

The move — similar to the approach taken by the Trump administration against the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei in 2020 — would prevent the nation’s military and economy from advancing technologically.

Leveraging the foreign direct product rule, the US would prevent Russian citizens from accessing new smartphones and other technologies.

The foreign direct product rule controls how foreign products become subject to the rules and restrictions contained in the Export Administration Regulations.

The Export Administration Regulations are the primary set of rules governing the export and transfer of foreign products.

While the US is not the primary provider of semiconductors to Russia, European countries are likely to follow its lead.

According to The Washington Post, US officials are also working with European and Asian allies to stop flows of crucial components to Russia.

Quoting a senior Biden administration official speaking on condition of anonymity, The Post reported that these export controls could atrophy the capacity of the civil aviation, maritime, and high technology sectors for which Russian President Vladimir Putin has grand ambitions.

The extent to which the administration plans to restrict Russia’s access to semiconductor supplies is still unclear.

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US considering cutting off tech supply to Russia