E-tolls will be scrapped: Duvenhage

The controversial Gauteng e-toll system went live on 3 December, but according to Outa chairman this merely signals the beginning of the fight against e-tolls.

Shortly before e-tolls went live, Transport Minister Dipuo Peters criticised those who opposed e-tolling and said it was time they moved on.

Sanral chairperson Tembakazi Mnyaka said that motorists will be surprised at how little their pocket has been affected by e-tolls, and will wonder what the fuss and noise was all about.

Despite these comments many Gauteng motorists are openly expressing their unhappiness with e-tolls, and vowed to not purchase e-tags.

Another blow against e-tolls came from Cosatu-affiliated unions in the Post Office and Gauteng metro police, who have vowed to directly and indirectly help motorists against e-tolling.

“They must work extremely slow[ly] when dealing with those Sanral letters. If they have to sort out 100 a day, they should make it one a day,” CWU Gauteng secretary Aubrey Tshabalala said.

Outa’s Duvenhage reiterated these views in a column on The Daily Maverick, saying that e-toll defiance hasn’t failed – it’s barely started.

“So tolling has started and yes, a few hundred thousand citizens have tagged up, many forced to do so under ‘corporate fleet’ instructions. This merely drags the campaign of defiance on for several months longer, that’s all,” said Duvenhage.

“The active citizens who didn’t [get e-tags] will remain resilient and sufficient in numbers to get the job done. They will proudly look back one day and say – “I remained untagged and was part of defiance campaign that stopped government’s irrational and unjust e-toll plan.””

“It’s not a matter of if, but when the e-toll system in Gauteng will be scrapped,” said Duvenhage.

The Justice Project SA’s Howard Dembovsky reiterated Duvenhage’s views, said that Sanral must stop with the fear-mongering regarding non-payment for e-tolls.

“Nazir Alli. I’ve driven on your e-toll roads today and am NOT going to pay you. Save us both time and summons me now then we’ll see who’s stupid,” Dembovsky said on Twitter.

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E-tolls will be scrapped: Duvenhage