The 25-core CPU that can be scaled to 200,000

Princeton University researchers have developed a 25-core open-source processor called the Piton, which can be used to build a 200,000-core computer, PC World reported.

Although there are no plans to build such a machine, the Piton is designed to be flexible and scalable.

Piton is a open-source processor based on the OpenSparc design, a modified version of Oracle’s OpenSparc T1 processor.

Researchers designed it to be used in big data centres that handle cloud services, and search and social networking requests.

The Piton’s 25 cores are broken up into five lines, and each core operates at 1GHz.

Chips in an array can be daisy-chained together through a bridge that sits on the chip and connects it to DRAM and storage.

Each core has 64KB of L2 cache, totaling 1.6MB for the chip, a floating point unit, and a type of router in each core that helps handle fast communication with other cores.

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The 25-core CPU that can be scaled to 200,000