Ultra-high-resolution LCD for virtual reality

Japan Display (JDI) has developed a 3.42-inch low temperature polysilicon (LTPS) TFT LCD specifically designed for virtual reality head displays.

The new LCD provides the performance required for VR applications, including ultra-high resolutions, high-speed response time, high refresh rate, and blinking backlight.

This allows for more life-like images and a more immersive experience, said the company.

Currently-available displays do not satisfy the required level of “VR quality” in terms of resolution, response time, and motion quality, it added.

This is because they are not designed for VR applications, but for smartphones.

JDI’s display offers three main enhancements for a better VR experience:

  • Ultra-high resolution – The ultra-high-resolution display with 651ppi means a user can hardly see pixel structure. JDI plans to develop an even higher resolution 800ppi display next.
  • Suppression of motion blur – To suppress motion blur, JDI has employed a high refresh rate of 90Hz, a high-speed IPS LCD with a response time of 3ms (black-to-white), and blinking backlight technology.
  • Improved system latency – JDI’s VR display has a high refresh rate and a high-speed IPS LCD, which contributes to shortening the latency of the display.

Comparison of pixel fineness between a low-ppi display vs a high-ppi display


Comparison of motion blur between a smartphone display vs a VR display


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Ultra-high-resolution LCD for virtual reality