Epic hardware you can’t buy in South Africa

One of the disadvantages of being South African is our often limited access to the latest hardware and tech, with certain devices like the Google Pixel not launching locally.

This is an issue in the local PC hardware market, too, with many products not arriving in South Africa – including graphics cards, laptops, and peripherals.

South Africans are able to import these products, but many prefer the backing of a local supplier or retailer should issues arise.

Below are several pieces of epic PC hardware South Africans can’t buy locally.

Nvidia Titan X Pascal

Nvidia’s refreshed Titan X boasts incredible performance for gaming and professional applications.

The card features 12GB of GDDR5X VRAM and a staggering 11TFLOPS of peak compute power.

This GPU is currently not available to purchase in South Africa, with local retailers listing the Maxwell-based Titan X in their stores.

Titan X


The DAN A4-SFX is a unique PC case perfect for ITX system builders.

The chassis offers support for a full-length GPU and high-end processor in a compact and lightweight frame.

While it can be purchased from certain stores internationally, the product is not available locally.


Steam Link and Controller

The Steam Link is a great device for streaming PC games to your living room, and the Steam Controller’s design offers improved functionality in traditional PC games thanks to its tracking features.

Both of these devices are available overseas, but South Africans will have to import them.

Steam Link and controller

Swiftpoint Z

The Swiftpoint Z gaming mouse is a revolutionary device which allows for unprecedented control.

Featuring an accelerometer, gyroscope, force sensor, and tactile feedback, the Swiftpoint Z is the most advanced mouse ever made.

Customers can purchase the device from Amazon.

Z gaming mouse header

Razer Blade Pro

The new Razer Blade Pro is a thin, powerful laptop which offers desktop performance and a 4K display.

Inside its thin chassis, it boasts an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080, a quad-core Intel Skylake processor, and a low-profile mechanical keyboard.

The latest Razer Blade Pro is a great desktop replacement, but South African retailers only stock the previous model of the laptop – which packs less power and features.

Razer Blade Pro 2016 2

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Epic hardware you can’t buy in South Africa