The 10 fastest SSDs you can buy in South Africa

Buying an SSD for your PC can make a considerable difference to its performance.

The speed of SSDs varies according to a number of factors, including interface, NAND flash type, controller, and brand.

While a cheap 2.5-inch SATA SSD should provide a decent performance improvement over a mechanical hard drive, the best results can be gained from upgrading to a high-speed SSD.

Using performance data from AnandTech’s benchmark database, we have ranked the best-performing SSDs available in South Africa based on average data rates.

Samsung’s latest V-NAND SSDs easily beat the competition, with the 960 Pro 2TB leading the pack in terms of average performance.

Samsung occupied six out of the top 10 slots in the rankings, with Intel, Corsair, and Western Digital also making an appearance.

SSD Comparison

The 10 fastest SSDs available in South Africa, along with their local pricing, are detailed below.

Speed was calculated using a benchmark which replicated the access patterns of I/O-intensive desktop usage.

Certain SSDs were excluded as they are not readily available in SA, including products from Zotac, Plextor, OCZ, and Patriot.

Rank SSD Average Data Rate Price
1 Samsung 960 Pro 2TB 1,139.34MB/s R19,999
2 Samsung 950 Pro 512GB 980.79MB/s R5,634
3 Samsung 960 EVO 1TB 904.31MB/s R7,151
4 Intel SSD 750 1.2TB 878.48MB/s R18,099
5 OCZ RD400 256GB 539.69MB/s R4,390
6 Corsair Neutron NX500 400GB 464.27MB/s R5,466
7 WD Black 512GB 350.20MB/s R3,409
8 Samsung 850 Pro 1TB 330.34MB/s R7,313
9 Samsung 850 PRO 512GB 326.42MB/s R3,447
10 Samsung 850 EVO 1TB 317.33MB/s R4,618

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The 10 fastest SSDs you can buy in South Africa