How South African retailers are dealing with graphics card shortages

There is a global shortage of GPUs around the world, which has caused prices to skyrocket.

Retailers in South Africa have also been hit, with the little stock coming in from manufacturers quickly snapped up by cryptocurrency miners.

Nvidia recently tried to combat this issue by appealing to retailers to prioritise gamers over cryptocurrency miners when selling graphics cards.

If retailers choose to implement the suggestion, they would only need to apply it to graphics cards which are popular among cryptocurrency miners.

These GPUs include the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060, GTX 1070, and GTX 1080, and AMD’s Radeon RX 570 and RX 580.

MyBroadband spoke to South African retailers Raru, Wootware, and Rebel Tech about the graphics card shortage and their views on the matter.

Rebel Tech

Rebel Tech said it first caters to gamers and limits graphics card sales when stock becomes scarce.

Customers who order a popular card from Rebel Tech are limited to one unit each if the card does not support SLI or Crossfire, and two if it does.

“This is in an attempt to keep as many customers happy as possible – instead of having one happy miner buying 10 cards, we can have 10 happy gamers buying one card each,” said Rebel Tech.

The company said AMD graphics cards are excluded from its purchase limit policy.

Rebel Tech logo


Raru said its policy has always been that of a “first-pay, first-allocated” basis, and it currently does not have any limitations on card purchases.

The company said in order to allocate customers stock during the scarcity, it allows users to pre-order cards which are ordered from its supplier.

“We are offering a pre-order opportunity for clients to place orders on specific cards that we have on order with our supplier,” said Raru.

Raru said it does not differentiate between miners and gamers.



Wootware said it has quantity limitations in place for the purchase of multiple graphics cards, and these limitations very depending on GPU model and stock availability.

The policies are applied to AMD and Nvidia cards.

“All customers are seen equally, regardless of the use case. and as such the quantity limitation policies apply equally across the spectrum,” said Wootware.

Wootware said card stock is still limited worldwide, but GPUs are coming into the country on a regular basis.

“We constantly update our website to show any new GPU offerings that may be available.”

Wootware logo

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How South African retailers are dealing with graphics card shortages