What South Africans look for when buying PC hardware

It is relatively expensive to build a powerful PC in South Africa, but local gamers still prefer quality components which offer great performance.

Whether you are purchasing a ready-built PC or individual components to upgrade your machine, it is important to ensure you are choosing current-generation hardware.

Intel’s 8th-generation CPUs and Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 10-series graphics cards, for example, offer better performance over previous product line-ups, along with greater power efficiency.

They come with a higher price tag, too.

South African hardware retailers Raru and Wootware told MyBroadband that despite the rand’s weakness against the US dollar, many gamers still opt to purchase high-quality components, due to their improved reliability.

High-end hardware

Raru head of retail Ramone Pickover said the online store has seen increased high-end component sales in the past year.

“It seems that most South African gamers are looking for peak performance that will have a longer lifespan,” said Pickover.

He added that graphics cards remain the most popular hardware component among local gamers.

“Graphics cards will always be at the top of the list, even after the cryptocurrency boom.”

“Gamers always upgrade their GPU first before any other component in their PCs, as it is the best way to achieve a massive performance boost without breaking the bank,” he said.

“SSDs and memory come next, with motherboards, CPUs, chassis, and cooling filling up the bottom of our component sales.”

Pickover said demand for AMD products has also improved substantially in South Africa.

“We have also seen the AMD market spike, which usually caters to a budget-conscious gamer, but we believe this was mainly driven by their focus towards improved performance in the last year or so,” he said.

Online retailer Wootware also weighed in on PC component popularity among South African gamers, stating that SSDs were become increasingly popular along with AMD’s Ryzen chips.

“With current price drops, SSDs are selling very well, in particular the M.2 NVMe drives, which are getting closer to SATA SSDs in price while offering major performance advantages,” said Wootware founder Rory Magee.

“We’ve seen a good response on Ryzen 2 CPUs for gaming rigs since their launch,” he added.

AMD Ryzen Threadripper

Cool products

Both online retailers offer a selection of interesting PC components, from RGB RAM modules to unique chassis designs.

MyBroadband asked Wootware and Raru to list a few of their most interesting product categories, alongside their staple sections.

“There are a ton of incredible new gaming hardware products which offer amazing features,” said Pickover.

He pointed to high-end notebooks with impressive specifications and components with unique RGB lighting to demonstrate the variety of hardware on offer.

Magee said they have a wide selection of great hardware available, from wireless peripherals to unique PC cases.

“Tempered glass chassis and addressable RGB accessories are popular, given their ability to create an overall aesthetic that wows people,” said Magee.

“There’s been a trend towards high-quality, lag-free wireless gaming peripherals, which we also feel is a good move overall for user convenience.”

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What South Africans look for when buying PC hardware