South Africans are buying better TVs to watch Netflix

The South African TV market is thriving thanks to the increased availability of high-quality content through streaming services.

This is according to Samsung South Africa Chief Marketing Officer Justin Hume, who said that the local TV industry is seeing consistent growth across multiple segments.

He said that a few years ago, smart TVs and high-end screen technology was not in as high demand as now – due to a lack of content.

“There was perhaps a point, maybe a year or two ago, where there wasn’t really a need to step up your TV, but I think we are seeing that need coming through now with the introduction of streaming services like Netflix and Showmax,” said Hume.

“If you go back to two years ago, smart TV simply meant connect to Wi-Fi and YouTube support, and I suppose this is where the mismatch existed between the ability of the television set versus the availability of content and solutions.”

“We are definitely seeing now this broader ecosystem of services coming to market and you are now finding meaningful value in having a TV set which is connected both to the Internet and a home environment,” said Hume.

High-end TVs

South Africans are now purchasing more high-end TVs, with Samsung’s more expensive products becoming mainstream purchases instead of niche items.

“We have our UHD panels, Premium UHD panels, and then QLED environment. The QLED technology is definitely ramping up,” said Hume.

“It evolved from our previous iteration which was the SUHD range.”

Samsung is finding that the 55-inch and 65-inch models are becoming incredibly popular in South Africa, with gaming also an important consideration among local TV buyers.

“That is where QLED comes into its own, particularly thanks to our work with Xbox and Microsoft,” said Hume.

“The technology has moved from being contained within high-end independent channels to becoming well supported in the mass retail channel.”

While lower-end TVs continue to push volume in South Africa, Samsung has seen exceptional growth in its high-end models, he added.

“There is certainly a market in 32-inch and 34-inch products, but where we’ve seen the major growth is in the Premium UHD market segment.”

“That comes down to incredible screen technology, offering a large number of inches of QLED, at the same time at a very attractive price point.”

Samsung has also worked with retailers to host extensive promotions and further its product sales in South Africa, particularly around the time of the FIFA World Cup.

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South Africans are buying better TVs to watch Netflix