Expect graphics card prices to decrease in South Africa

The price of graphics cards in South Africa can vary greatly according to a variety of factors, from international availability to US dollar exchange rates.

AMD’s Radeon RX 500 Series and Nvidia’s GTX 10 Series cards have seen big price fluctuations throughout their lifetime, most notably caused by the popularity of the hardware for cryptocurrency mining in 2017.

The local availability and prices of these products have stabilised recently, but could be affected by the upcoming launch of Nvidia’s GeForce RTX Series.

Nvidia’s next-generation graphics cards are built on its new Turing architecture and have been rumoured to include features borrowed from other Nvidia chips – such as AI cores and real-time ray tracing.

These features could potentially make a huge difference in video games, although it is unclear how the upcoming GPUs will be positioned in the market relative to the current GTX 10 Series cards.

MyBroadband spoke to local PC hardware retailers Wootware and Raru to find out.


Wootware’s Ockert Herbst told MyBroadband they expect the price of GTX 10 Series cards to decrease after the next generation of GPUs is launched.

“It is quite likely. In fact, we’ve already seen some significant price decreases on the flagship 10 Series Nvidia graphics cards locally and there are some amazing deals available on these at present,” said Herbst.

“However, since the release will likely be staggered, it may take some time for price decreases to be seen on the mid-to-lower tier cards,” he added.

Herbst also said Wootware expects AMD to adjust its product pricing to remain competitive as Nvidia launches new products.

“We would expect slow and staggered price adjustments from AMD in response to each new SKU released by Nvidia in order to remain competitive.”

“However, it is also possible that certain SKUs will be marked as end-of-life before seeing any price decreases, depending on availability.”

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Raru electronics category manager Kevin King said the new Nvidia cards may not affect the current GTX 10 Series line-up, however, as they would be aimed at higher-end users.

“The new Nvidia cards announced for the end of the year are aimed at high-end professionals,” said King.

“For now, the price of the current GTX 10 Series cards will only be affected by demand/supply and the Bitcoin phenomenon.”

“Having said that, it does seem like the prices and availability of cards have improved over recent months,” he said.

King added that he did not expect the recent launch of Nvidia’s new Quadro cards to affect the pricing of AMD cards, and noted that the pricing of AMD’s cards could change if the manufacturer launched new products towards the end of the year.

“The pricing of AMD cards will also be affected mostly by current demand/supply, and if AMD is planning on launching new cards,” said King.

“Their pricing is already quite competitive and I see it stabilising even further as we get closer to the end of the year.”


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Expect graphics card prices to decrease in South Africa