The cheapest 4K TVs you can buy in South Africa

As consumers move to higher-resolution TVs and content, 4K TVs continue to become more popular across the global market.

While these high-resolution units were previously unobtainable for average TV users, they have come down in price considerably since their launch and are now much more affordable.

This is especially true if you consider the displays at the lower-end of 4K TV line-ups.

4K TVs also offer unique features in addition to a higher number of pixels compared to 1080p displays, including support for HDR display technology and a wider colour gamut.

We have rounded up some of the cheapest 4K TVs you can buy in South Africa, based purely on their retail price, and listed them below.

All the TVs listed are branded as 4K displays (also called UHD). Support for HDR technology, panel types (LED vs OLED), and other features were not taken into account.

Hisense 43-inch Smart UHD – R5,316

HiSense 43-inch UHD Smart TV

JVC 55-inch UHD – R5,999

JVC 55-inch UHD

Aiwa 55-inch UHD – R6,499

Aiwa 55-inch UHD

Samsung 43-inch Smart UHD – R6,499

Samsung 43-inch UHD Smart TV

Sinotec 55-inch Smart UHD – R6,519

Sinotec 55-inch UHD

Hisense 50-inch Smart UHD – R6,917

Hisense 50-inch Smart UHD

Skyworth 49-inch Smart UHD – R6,955

Skyworth 49-inch UHD Smart TV

JVC 55-inch Curved Smart UHD – R6,999

JVC 55-inch curved Smart UHD

Hisense 49-inch Smart UHD – R7,199

Hisense 49-inch Smart UHD

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The cheapest 4K TVs you can buy in South Africa