Intel’s new 9th-gen Core CPUs support 128GB of RAM

If you are looking to upgrade your desktop PC’s memory but were limited by the amount of RAM your processor could support, Intel’s new 9th-gen desktop processors have you covered.

Speaking to AnandTech, Intel confirmed that its newest Core desktop chips now support up to 128GB of DDR4 RAM.

The number of memory modules supported still remains the same, with Intel’s newest chips being compatible with motherboards that support two memory channels with two DIMMs per channel, for a total of four RAM modules.

Manufacturers such as G.Skill have also launched double-height, double-capacity modules that can support 32GB of memory per module.

Intel’s statement refers specifically to the 9th-Core processor’s ability to support DDR4 16Gb die density DIMMs, which have only recently become available.

“[DDR4 16Gb die density DIMMs] will allow the processors to support a total system memory capacity of up to 128GB when populating both motherboard memory channels with 2 DIMMs per Channel (2DPC),” Intel told AnandTech.

“As DDR4 16Gb die density DIMMs have only recently become available, we are now validating them, targeting an update in a few months’ time.”

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Intel’s new 9th-gen Core CPUs support 128GB of RAM