How to turn off motion smoothing on your TV

Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie recently published a video on Twitter warning TV owners of the detrimental effect of motion smoothing.

Motion smoothing is a feature common on modern high-definition TVs which is meant to reduce motion blur, but it can drastically change the quality of your picture.

This feature is often enabled by default on many TVs, and Cruise and McQuarrie urged viewers to turn off the setting if they wanted the best-possible image quality for watching films.

Below is a brief guide regarding the basic process for turning off this motion smoothing feature on Samsung and LG TVs, as outlined by The Verge.


Samsung’s motion smoothing effect is labelled as “Auto Motion Plus”.

To disable this feature, users can navigate to the Picture Options menu on their TV and look for the Auto Motion Plus 240Hz setting.

In this menu, users can select the “Off” option to disable the motion smoothing feature.


LG’s motion smoothing feature is named “TruMotion”.

To turn off this effect, LG TV owners can navigate to Picture Settings and select the Picture Options category.

From this menu, users can select the TruMotion option and disable the motion smoothing effect.

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How to turn off motion smoothing on your TV