The best-designed PC monitor I’ve ever used

Monitors are a ubiquitous peripheral across offices and homes worldwide, and are essential when using a PC.

They aren’t usually very well-designed however, often occupying an unfair share of desk space due to bulky stands. This is especially true if you have large displays with greedy bases that take up precious space on your already-cluttered desk.

Using boxes and raised bases for desktop monitors – to get them to eye level, are even worse, as they sacrifice even more space.

After struggling with a bulky desktop monitor set-up and a desk which was quickly running out of free surface area, Samsung offered us a new Space Monitor to test and we couldn’t help but be intrigued.

We tried it out, and immediately wondered why all monitors don’t adopt its simple but effective stand solution – an adjustable and movable clamp, shown below.

Space Monitor (4)

Space Monitor (5)

Space Monitor (6)

Great hardware and design

Samsung’s Space Monitor is a 27-inch WQHD VA display which forgoes a traditional stand for a clamp-mounted extension arm.

This arm mounts to your desk via a robust clamp and allows you to adjust the monitor as you see fit, moving it high or lower, and closer or further away, at will.

While this sounds trivial, being able to move the display one centimeter up or down, or one degree left or right makes a big different in your viewing experience.

The arm also extends outwards so the screen can be close to your face, letting you put your keyboard and mouse underneath it as it floats above your hands.

Power and display cables are routed through the arm to the back of the desk, and the monitor can accept either HDMI or Mini DisplayPort.

Space Monitor (3)

Space Monitor (2)


Samsung has fitted its Space Monitor with an impressive panel. Full specifications for the product we reviewed are below.

Samsung Space Monitor
Screen Size 27-inch
Resolution 2,560 x 1,440
Panel Type VA
Refresh Rate 144Hz
Response Time 4ms
Brightness 250cd/m2
Price R8,500 – R9,500

Samsung has stated that the Space Monitor will be available in South Africa from April 2019 and will be priced from R8,500 to R9,500.

A 32-inch 4K model of the monitor has also been announced, but no pricing information was announced.

Space Monitor (9)

Space Monitor (8)

A better design

The Space Monitor’s design is a simple solution which doesn’t change much at first glance, but only after trying it out do you realise how useful it really is.

It is better than the common monitor stand, as it frees up more space for you to use and allows you to easily adjust your display depending on what you are doing.

All PC monitors should use this system in my opinion, as the level of adjustment it allows is much-needed.

Being able to adjust the height and distance of the monitor was a great feature, as it allowed for perfect viewing positions and easier positioning of the mouse and keyboard.

Additionally, raising the monitor high against the wall provides you with the entire surface of your desk as if there was no computer set up at all.

The WQHD 144Hz panel provides good viewing angles, too, and the colour depth is great for image editing and other creative applications.

This monitor would be ideal for creative professionals, providing them with a solid display for editing while also freeing up their desk space for sketching or other work.

As we had a gaming laptop connected to the Space Monitor, we had to try out the panel’s performance in gaming while we were at it.

As expected, the Samsung screen delivered a low-latency, high-quality gaming experience, and the 144Hz refresh rate meant the gameplay always looked smooth.

Space Monitor (1)

Space Monitor (10)

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The best-designed PC monitor I’ve ever used