AMD Radeon VII – South African pricing and the real bad news

AMD’s Radeon VII officially launched globally yesterday, and it has not been the most impressive rollout for a new graphics card.

While AMD previously stated there would be more than enough Radeon VII graphics cards available at launch, global supply tells a different story.

Reports from international retailers have stated that stock of AMD’s latest graphics cards is incredibly low, with countries like France and Spain reportedly only receiving 20 units each.

The AMD Radeon VII is set to compete with Nvidia’s RTX 20 Series graphics cards, which offer high-end performance, dedicated AI compute cores, and ray-tracing capabilities for improved graphics in supported games.

The Radeon VII is built on a 7nm manufacturing process and delivers a big performance increase over AMD’s Vega GPUs, thanks to its high clock speeds and 16GB of HBM2 VRAM.

South African pricing

While stock of the graphics card is a concern, South African PC retailers have listed the new card in their online stores.

Wootware has listed several models – including ASRock and ASUS variants – but no pricing or delivery date is available for these listings as yet.

Rebel Tech has not listed delivery dates for the card either, but has published pricing for the MSI and Gigabyte models set to go on sale.

MSI Radeon VII – R15,999

MSI Radeon VII

Gigabyte Radeon VII – R14,999

Gigabyte Radeon VII

Scarce supply

MyBroadband spoke to Wootware and Rebel Tech about the local availability of the Radeon VII, and it does not look good for South African gamers.

Rebel Tech’s Rune Ravnsborg said he had not received information about available stock for South Africa, and expected more updates once international companies returned to work after the Chinese New Year.

Wootware founder Rory Magee said the card is in scarce supply, and would subsequently be relatively expensive in South Africa.

“I can’t recall any GPU launch that’s been this limited in terms of available stock. We’re talking ones and twos being allocated in South Africa.”

The small number of units allocated to South Africa creates higher shipping costs on an already non-favourably priced card. “Vendors have been getting few, if any cards locally,” Magee added.

The higher shipping costs for the graphics card in addition to its scarcity make it more expensive in South Africa than it would be in the US, for example, and local gamers may be better off purchasing an Nvidia RTX card or an older Vega GPU.

Benchmarks from AnandTech show that the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 trades blows with the Radeon VII across the board, and it can be purchased for around R4,000 cheaper than AMD’s Radeon VII – based on current list prices.

It is unclear whether stock of the graphics card will improve in the following months, and Wootware stated that it currently only has confirmed stock of the ASUS Radeon VII at the moment.

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AMD Radeon VII – South African pricing and the real bad news