The cheapest 4K TVs you can buy in South Africa

4K TVs are slowly becoming the new standard, with users migrating from Full HD panels to the higher resolution – 3,840 x 2,160.

Content playable at this resolution is also becoming increasingly common, while the price of 4K TVs have come down considerably since the launch of the technology.

Besides higher resolutions, 4K TVs offer unique features such as support for HDR display technology and a wider colour gamut.


To help users looking to get their first 4K TV, we have compiled a list of some of the cheapest 4K TVs available in South Africa.

The only requirement to make the list was that the TVs must offer panels with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160. Support for HDR technology, panel types – LED vs OLED – and other features were not taken into account.

The list is shown below.

Sansui 55-inch UHD TV – R4,999

Sansui 55 inch UHD TV

Hisense 43-inch UHD TV – R5,299

HiSense 43-inch UHD Smart TV

Skyworth 49-inch UHD TV – R6,929

Skyworth 49-inch UHD Smart TV

JVC 49-inch UHD TV – R5,437

JVC 49 inch UHD TV

Sinotec 50-inch Smart UHD TV – R5,999

Sinotec TV

Sansui 49-inch UHD TV – R4,699

Sansui 55 inch UHD TV

Hisense 50-inch Smart UHD HDR TV – R6,399

Hisense 50-inch Smart UHD

JVC 55-inch UHD Smart TV – R6,999

JVC 55-inch UHD Smart TV

Diamond 55-inch UHD TV – R5,799

Diamond 55 inch

Sinotech 55-inch Smart UHD TV – R6,799

Sinotec 55-inch UHD

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The cheapest 4K TVs you can buy in South Africa