Valve launches Index VR headset – Pricing and details

Valve has officially revealed its new Index VR kit, which includes an Index VR headset, motion controllers, and two base stations.

These devices are available for pre-order individually or as a complete kit through the Steam Store, although the listing states that the device is not yet available in South Africa.

The Index headset features two 1,440 x 1,600 RGB LCD displays which are able to run at 90Hz, 120Hz, or 144Hz.

Valve said its physically adjustable distance from lens to eye and canted optics provide 20-degrees more field-of-view than the HTC Vive.

The headset also sports two front-mounted cameras and a front expansion compartment with a USB 3 Type-A port, which Valve said is specifically designed for tinkerers and makers.

Valve’s Index controllers use 87 sensors to track hand and finger position, allowing players to use their hands in virtual reality environments just as they would in real life.

“Enabling natural and accurate open-handed throwing was a high priority for the team, and we used every sensor at our disposal,” Valve said.

These controllers also include physical buttons and analog sticks, and boast a battery life of over seven hours.

The final component in Valve’s Index VR kit is the set of two base stations, which allow for room-scale tracking.

Valve’s Index VR headset and controllers are compatible with SteamVR 1.0 and 2.0 base stations.

Below is the US pricing for the Valve Index VR kit:

  • Full Index VR kit – $999
  • Index VR headset + Controllers – $749
  • Index VR headset – $499
  • Index Controllers – $279
  • Single Index Base Station – $149

Pre-orders for the Valve Index VR hardware are open now, and the first components begin shipping in June 2019.

Photos of the Index VR headset and peripherals are posted below.

Index VR headset

Index VR headset 1

Index VR headset 3

Index VR headset 2

Index VR headset 4

Index Controllers

Index controllers 1

Index controllers 3

Index controllers 2

Index Base Stations

Index base stations 1

Index base stations 3

Index base stations 2

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Valve launches Index VR headset – Pricing and details