SSD prices in South Africa – The future is uncertain

The prices of solid state drives in South Africa have fallen considerably and SSD hardware has become more accessible in recent years.

It is uncertain whether this trend will continue however, with Western Digital senior sales manager for Africa Ghassan Azzi stating that it is unclear how prices will change going forward.

Azzi told MyBroadband at a media briefing in Johannesburg that predicting how quickly prices will decrease for SSDs is incredibly difficult.

He said that SSD prices are based on the demand for these products, which makes any predictions almost impossible.

“The more that we are selling, the more the price goes down,” said Azzi. “We don’t know how much that will go down, it depends on the market.”

Western Digital SSDs

One of Western Digital’s key markets is SSDs – from cheap, entry-level products to those which offer premium performance.

Western Digital classifies its SSD ranges by colour, making it easy to identify the purpose and function of each product.

  • Western Digital’s Green range of SSDs are its cheapest SSD products, offering slower speeds than the rest of their SSD offerings.
  • Blue is the standard range, and is targeted at everyday home users.
  • Western Digital’s Black range offers superior performance at a slightly more expensive price.

Western Digital also makes M.2 PCIe SSDs, which use a newer, more advanced interface that provides greater speeds to users.

Brad Bennett, senior channel marketing manager for the Middle East and Africa, said that M.2 PCIe drives are particularly focused on gamers, and since there is a big global gaming market, the technology will evolve and improve.

“We’re at the leading edge. We compete very strongly with the Samsung Evo range,” said Bennett. “Going forward, capacities will get better and speeds will increase.”

Bennett also said that the biggest challenge faced by Western Digital in the M.2 PCIe market is that other hardware – such as motherboards – isn’t developing fast enough to cope with the new storage technology.

When asked whether M.2 PCIe SSDs are likely to decrease in price in the near future, Azzi said that this will also depend on how much demand there is for these storage devices.

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SSD prices in South Africa – The future is uncertain