South Africans love smart homes and RGB lighting

The demand from South African consumers for gadgets and hardware is increasing across multiple sectors, according to technology distribution company Syntech.

Syntech is the official distributor for a number of tech products in South Africa, including a range of gaming brands such as Antec, Redragon, and Crucial, networking brands, and surveillance and security hardware.

The company is the distribution channel for a range of gadgets, PC components, systems, and other hardware locally, giving them a unique insight into the South African consumer technology market.

MyBroadband spoke to Syntech co-founder Ryan Martyn and managing director Craig Nowitz about the popularity and growth of hardware in South Africa.

Smart homes and PC hardware

“I think that there has been considerable growth and interest from consumers in smart home appliances,” Martyn told MyBroadband.

“The uptake in interest is largely driven by consumer desire to automate mundane day-to-day tasks at the home or office.”

He said that products like smart vacuum cleaners, smart lighting, and voice-controlled appliances are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa.

“Consumers are incredibly busy, and smart home appliances enable them to take advantage of the time they do have available to do more of the things they love.”

Martyn added that the PC gaming category in particular comprises of mostly enthusiasts, but this does not mean there is no growth in this sector.

“The PC gaming category is largely dominated by enthusiasts, and there is certainly some growth still to be found amongst enthusiasts,” he said.

“We’re also seeing that gaming as a whole is becoming more and more accessible to communities who wouldn’t necessarily consider themselves gamers.”

Smarter consumers with a taste for RGB

Martyn also said that South African tech consumers are becoming more informed when it comes to making purchases.

“These days there are so many more influencers, digital reviews, and access to really great quantified information,” he said. “This means consumers are now making more informed decisions, which is great for the market.”

This is also driving prices down because the value the market would previously have delivered is not difficult to communicate, he said.

When it comes to South African gamers, Nowitz told MyBroadband that the demand for peripherals and hardware with RGB lighting has become truly impressive.

“On the gaming side, we’re still seeing a massive demand for RGB lighting,” Nowitz said. “Everything from your desk, mouse pad, chair, power supply, to your memory is integrating RGB to facilitate this demand.”

“We fully expect that RGB is going to become the standard in gaming peripherals and hardware.”

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South Africans love smart homes and RGB lighting