New OLED technology could make displays more power-efficient

A new OLED polarised filter technology is being developed by a team of scientists from the Imperial College of London, TechRadar reports.

Filters often are used in displays to reduce glare, but most non-polarised filters also stop some important light from being transmitted through the screen – resulting in battery power being wasted.

The new technology would see new OLED diplays transmit light through a polarised filter, which ensures that more light reaches the eyes of the user.

The technology could be used in a variety of devices, ranging from smartphones to TVs. It is still being researched however, meaning that it is unlikely to come to consumer devices any time soon.

If it were to arrive, however, it would theoretically ensure that users have brighter displays while using less energy – a win-win situation that would be appealing to device manufacturers.

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New OLED technology could make displays more power-efficient