Intel unveils new Core i9 processors

Intel has announced its 10th generation line-up of high-end Core i9 processors for desktop PCs, Tom’s Hardware reported.

The Cascade Lake-X processors will arrive in November 2019 and are based on the existing Skylake microarchitecture and manufactured on a 14nm process.

Intel’s updated Ice Lake-based design uses a 10nm manufacturing process, but these chips are currently only available in premium laptops.

Base clock speeds in the desktop processors have been increased across the new generation and Intel has improved its Turboboost capability, allowing for the boosting of up to four cores.

The upped clock speeds also result in a heightened thermal design point of 165W.

Pricing and competition

Prices of these new processors have been cut by as much as 50% compared to the 9th-generation chips.

These prices cannot be compared directly, however, as Intel only made the price per unit for purchases of at least 1,000 chips available.

The top-end Core i9-10980XE will cost $979, as opposed to the launch price of $1,990 for last year’s Core i9-9980XE.

The most affordable option in the new series, the 10-core i9-10900X will be priced at $590, while the i9-9900X will cost $1,020.

The table below illustrates the specifications and prices of the 10th-generation Core i9 desktop processors.

Processor Cores/Threads Base Clock Boost Clock L3 cache Price
Intel Core i9-10980XE 18/36 3.0GHz 4.6GHz 24.75MB $979
Intel Core i9-10940X 14/28 3.3GHz 4.6GHz 19.25MB $784
Intel Core i9-10920X 12/24 3.5GHz 4.6GHz 19.25MB $689
Intel Core i9-10900X 10/20 3.7GHz 4.5GHz 19.25MB $590

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Intel unveils new Core i9 processors