The best PC hardware you can buy on Black Friday

With Black Friday approaching, this is the perfect time to invest in upgrades for your gaming or work PC.

Building a powerful desktop rig is expensive, which makes sales periods like Black Friday crucial for prospective PC builders.

Not only will many components be on sale from various South African retailers, but these will also include a selection of recently-released hardware which was recently announced by major manufacturers.

You might even be able to find a new Nvidia GeForce GTX 16 Series graphics card or an AMD Ryzen 3rd-gen CPU at a great discount during Black Friday.

We’ve listed the newest and best PC hardware products you should look out for on Black Friday 2019.

Graphics Cards

Whether you want a new GPU to power your 4K gaming PC or to improve your video encoding time, there are a lot of great graphics cards to choose from at the moment.

AMD recently launched its RX 5700 and RX 5700 XT graphics cards, which are available from a number of local retailers. These GPUs both offer 8GB GDDR6 memory and support 4K HDR content at 144Hz.

Nvidia also offers an improved lineup of “Super”-branded GTX 16 Series graphics cards, which deliver improved performance at a similar price to their previous-generation GPUs.

Nvidia’s higher-end RTX Series GPUs deliver exceptional ray-tracing performance and would make a great addition to any modern gaming PC.

All of these graphics cards are competitively priced, with graphics cards like the RTX 2070 Super and the Radeon RX 5700 XT priced at around R10,699 and 8,799 respectively and boasting excellent performance.

These prices are set to drop even lower during Black Friday, however, presenting you with the best chance to grab brand-new hardware at a steep discount.

RTX 2070


Intel and AMD both launched powerful new CPUs this year, bringing big changes to their architecture and desktop performance.

Desktop processors are constantly improving in terms of core count, clock speed, and multi-threaded performance, which often makes the latest chip on the market the best choice for PC builders.

This trend holds true for Intel’s 9th-generation Core chips and AMD’s 3rd-generation Ryzen processors, which are extremely competitive in terms of pricing and performance.

The two companies have also launched new high-end processors which push the limits in terms of desktop CPU performance.

Whether you want a new Ryzen 3 3200G for your budget gaming rig or an Intel Core i9-9900 for your monster desktop system, Black Friday is the perfect time to pick up one of these new chips.

Look out for Intel’s 9th-generation and AMD’s Ryzen 3rd-generation chips during the Black Friday period to take advantage of the latest technology on offer.

Solid-state drives

If there is one thing that has become clearer in modern laptop and desktop configurations, it’s that a solid-state drive (SSD) is an absolute necessity.

SSDs drastically improve disk performance, affecting everything from boot times to loading screens in intensive games, and they are a key component for any respectable modern system.

If you’ve been waiting to upgrade your ageing hardware to include solid-state storage, Black Friday should see a flood of price cuts on affordable 2.5-inch SATA SSDs, which are the ideal replacement for a mechanical hard drive.

PCIe NVMe SSDs are a much faster option which is more expensive than SATA drives but can greatly improve performance in demanding applications.

The fastest SSDs you can buy in South Africa include Intel’s Optane drives, Samsung’s 970 Pro 1TB, and the WD Black SN750 1TB.



Good peripherals are a must-have for any desktop PC system.

Whether you’re a gamer who needs a high-DPI wireless mouse with low input latency or a professional who needs an ergonomic keyboard, peripherals are an underrated factor in the construction of your ideal PC setup.

Black Friday will include discounts on a variety of PC peripherals, from mechanical keyboards and RGB mousepads to 1440p monitors and wireless headphones.

If you plan to pick up any of these products, you should wait until Black Friday to get the best deal possible.

Evil Geniuses peripherals

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The best PC hardware you can buy on Black Friday