Samsung to launch new 8TB SSD

Samsung will launch a new range of 2.5-inch solid-state drives (SSDs) at the end of this month, which will include a model with 8TB of storage capacity.

Tom’s Hardware spotted the 1TB and 8TB models of Samsung’s new 870 QVO SSDs listed on Amazon, although they have since been removed from the retailer’s website.

The Amazon listings for the 1TB and 8TB drives showed that they were priced at $130 and $900, respectively.

They also stated that the Samsung QVO 1TB would launch on 30 June, while the QVO 8TB is slated to roll out on 24 August.

These drives are reportedly aimed at users looking for a cheaper solid-state storage option than competing drive types, and use a SATA III data transfer interface, which is limited to 600MB/s.

QLC NAND explained

Samsung’s QVO SSD lineup is built on quad-level cell NAND flash storage technology, which offers better storage density than SLC, TLC, and MLC solutions.

This increased capacity does come with certain downsides, however, including a sacrifice in terms of drive endurance.

Each cell in an SSD has a finite lifetime which is measured in the number of times it can be written to before it fails.

Because QLC technology is 25% denser than TLC and stores four bits of information per NAND cell, it has a shorter lifespan than technologies that store fewer bits per cell.

It is also significantly slower than other NAND technologies due to its increased density, although this can be mitigated through the implementation of SLC cache.

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Samsung to launch new 8TB SSD