“I’m a Mac” guy shoots down Macs in new Intel ads

Intel recently released a series of ads promoting PCs that feature former “I’m a Mac” actor Justin Long.

Back in May 2006, Apple hired Long to portray an Apple Mac computer and demonstrate its superiority compared to a regular PC.

In a spin on the original gag, Long has returned to punt the capabilities and attributes of Intel-based Windows PCs over the MacBooks in a humorous, somewhat polite way.

In a series of videos called “Justin Gets Real”, Long introduces himself as “I’m a…Justin. Just a real person doing a real comparison between Mac and PC”.

These 30-second ads address different marketing angles, touching on subjects like touch screens, various 2-in-1 form factors, gaming, and support for multiple monitors.

In one video titled “2-in-1 Flexibility”, Long is handed an Intel-based laptop and praises it for its versatile design and its transition from a PC to a tablet.

Thereafter, Long is handed a MacBook – which has no touch screen or convertible capabilities. He is then given an iPad to use as a tablet, a smart keyboard, a stylus pen, and a dongle− mocking Apple’s device-independence approach.

In another ad, Long appears with a PC gamer using an Intel-based Windows laptop. Long asks if they have a Mac gamer, which sets up the punchline: “No one really games on a Mac”, a shot at the Mac’s shortage of support for computer games.

Hitting back at Apple

This campaign appears to be Intel’s response to Apple bringing back actor John Hodgman to reprise his role as the PC guy in a short cameo during Apple’s M1 Mac launch.

Hodgman’s character once again tried to keep up with the Mac’s advances before quickly tiring and announcing his/its battery was drained.

Below is one of the videos from Intel’s “Justin Gets Real” series.

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“I’m a Mac” guy shoots down Macs in new Intel ads