5 important things happening in tech today

China’s Zhurong rover sent the first footage of its Mars landing as part of the country’s Tianwen-1 space mission.

The Delta variant of the coronavirus is taking hold in Portugal, Italy, and Germany in addition to South Africa.

Google is launching a medical application that uses machine learning to diagnose skin conditions.

AMD’s new graphics cards are starting to reach Nvidia performance levels with the company’s “FineWine” updates.

Facebook is working on bringing a soundwave feature to Whatsapp voice notes.

Here is what is happening in the tech world today:

  • China’s rover sends footage from Mars: China’s Mars rover launched from Earth in July 2020, according to Space News, and first entered the planet’s orbit in February 2021. The 240-kilogram Zhurong rover will aim to collect data on potential water-ice deposits, weather, topography and geology, working with data already collected by previous Mars rovers. Having deployed on 21 May, the rover is said to have travelled 236 meters so far. Footage of its launch was posted by Andrew Jones on Twitter.

  • Delta variant takes hold around the globe: First discovered in India, the more contagious Delta variant is now impacting other countries around the world, and is beginning to “dominate” cases in South Africa. According to Reuters, the variant accounts for 51% of Covid-19 cases in Portugal, and is spreading from the capital, Lisbon, where it accounts for 70% of Covid-19 cases. The Delta variant combined with the Kappa variant accounts for 16.8% of cases in Italy. Germany is also rapidly scaling its vaccination program to prevent the variant from taking hold in the country and is vaccinating over 800,000 people per day.

  • Google launches medical application that identifies skin conditions: Google’s dermatology app was featured at its I/O conference in May, and already has Class I certification in Europe. Using a database of over 65,000 images, the app works by taking 3 pictures of the affected area and submitting them in the web-based app, with the option of adding extra information, such as the specific area affected. The app returns results from 288 possible skin conditions.

  • AMD GPUs are gaining on Nvidia: GPUs see an increase in performance through its life-cycle due to driver updates and optimizations, and as reported by 3D Center, AMD is good at gaining performance through incremental updates. The company’s strategy, dubbed “FineWine” by gamers due to its better performance over time, has seen its RX 6800, RX 6800XT and RX 6900 XT cards gain up to 10% performance since launch. In comparison, Nvidia’s biggest gain was 4.3% performance gain.

  • WhatsApp is getting soundwaves for voice notes: The voice note function that Facebook has already implemented in Instagram will be coming to WhatsApp, according to a post by WABetainfo, where it can be seen in action. The wave function tracks the level of sounds throughout a voice note, providing live feedback as the voice note is being recorded, and in the message itself after it is sent. The feature is still in beta, and a release date has not been confirmed.

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5 important things happening in tech today