Nvidia retiring four cheap graphics cards — Report

Nvidia is phasing out some of its last-remaining Turing graphics cards, which are among the company’s best-value GPUs when it comes to price-to-performance.

That is according to rumours on China’s Bobantang tech forums, which were picked up by reputed PC hardware publication Tom’s Hardware.

The cards reportedly facing discontinuation from the manufacturing line are the GeForce GTX 1660, GTX 1660 Super, RTX 2060, and RTX 2060 Super.

Nvidia supposedly only had a “small amount of inventory” of the GTX 1660 series cards remaining.

Dropping these cards from its line-up would leave a gaping hole in Nvidia’s budget to mid-range offerings.

The entry-level Ampere card — the RTX 3050 — performs worse than the RTX 2060, while the other remaining Turing cards — the GTX 1650 series and GTX 1630 — are underpowered against the GTX 1660 series.

What makes matters worse for Nvidia is that the RTX 3050 is outperformed by AMD’s RX 6600, which is either cheaper or sells for roughly the same price from several retailers.

Thousands of UserBenchmark tests have shown the RX 6600 boasts an average of 6% better performance than the RTX 3050.

In South Africa, the RX 6600 sells for R5,699 at Wootware, while the cheapest RTX 3050 card costs R6,899.

Dreamware Tech’s most affordable RTX 3050 was priced at R7,126, whereas its entry-level RX 6600 cost only slightly more at R7,209.

At Evetech, the cheapest versions of both cards were priced at R5,999.

Tom’s Hardware said Nvidia would have to increase the appeal of the RTX 3050 to better compete with AMD, either by reducing the card’s price or by launching a Ti variant at roughly the same price.

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Nvidia retiring four cheap graphics cards — Report