South Africa’s favourite computer screen and keyboard brands

Logitech and Samsung stand out as the most popular peripheral and screen brands in South Africa.

Much emphasis is often placed on computer and laptop specifications, but high-quality peripherals are often neglected.

These components are especially important, as they can greatly impact your experience with a system.

While personal preference does play a significant role, some companies stand out above the rest when it comes to peripherals.

Analytico surveyed 2,500 IT professionals, executives, and early adopters in South Africa and determined the most popular brands.


A high-quality keyboard can make a massive difference in user experience, whether gaming or typing.

A big mechanical keyboard can significantly increase typing speed, while more compact models are ideal for travelling.

A silent keyboard may be preferred for office use, while a clicky keyboard may be more satisfying for writers.

Logitech stands out as the preferred keyboard brand in South Africa, with 43% of the votes.

Microsoft, known for its productivity-enhancing products, came second place with 23%, while Apple was the third most popular at 11%.


Computer mice are also a very personal choice, as they are often the primary method of interacting with a computer.

Even though laptops have built-in touchpads, many users still prefer a separate mouse to improve accuracy and ergonomics.

Logitech also has a commanding lead as the favourite mouse brand in South Africa, with half the votes from the survey.

Microsoft and Apple follow with 19% and 11% respectively.

Going down the list, we see some more gaming-oriented brands, such as Razer, Corsair and SteelSeries.


The screen you use is also an important aspect of the overall experience and can make the difference between a headache-inducing squint or a comfortable setup that you can use all day.

Samsung is the most popular screen brand in South Africa, with 39% of the votes.

Dell and LG are also popular, at 28% and 16%, respectively.

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South Africa’s favourite computer screen and keyboard brands