Logitech has released an AI mouse

Logitech has released an artificial intelligence (AI) mouse integrated with its ChatGPT assistant app, Logi AI Prompt Builder.

The app allows Logitech hardware users to trigger the ChatGPT assistant, giving them access to AI at the touch of a button.

It is compatible with any Logitech mouse or keyboard and requires users to create a shortcut button that will trigger the app.

However, Logitech is also releasing a mouse with a designated AI button, the M750 Signature AI Edition Wireless Mouse. It is available to pre-order for R953.54.

Prospective buyers should be aware that the M750 AI Edition has no AI-related features apart from a designated button to open the ChatGPT tool.

The Logi Prompt Builder program is a simplified version of the ChatGPT interface with the key feature of allowing users to build “prompt recipes”.

These are prompt templates that can be predefined and then selected in the app to speed up workflow.

If users frequently need to summarise text into bullet points, they can create a summarising “recipe” with the specific prompts of their choice.

Thus, the summarising recipe could contain “summarise this”, “into bullet points”, “remove jargon”, and so forth.

The same can be done for brainstorming or researching a topic.

Logitech’s Logi AI Prompt Builder
Logitech M750 Signature AI Edition wireless mouse

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Logitech has released an AI mouse