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Ditch your landline for an Internet-based phone service

Euphoria Telecom is urging business owners to ‘cut the cord’ of analogue landlines in favour of its phone service supplied through the Internet.

Founded by George Golding and Conrad de Wet, Euphoria Telecom is a South African cloud-based business telephone (PABX) system.

Euphoria provides business owners with insight into their daily operations in real-time, with a 30% – 50% cost reduction. Furthermore, long-term contracts, high call costs, and opaque billing are eliminated.

Productivity increases

A cloud-based PBX provides a workforce with constant connectivity, even remotely.

Euphoria offers a cloud-based telephone management system that helps company executives manage, control, and analyse every element of their telephone system.

Executives can have email activity tracking combined with call tracking and recording by integrating their workforce management systems with a CRM system in the cloud.

Customised solutions

De Wet says the cloud subscription model means you only pay for what you need, and allows you to increase your functionality as your business grows.

“The automation functionality of the cloud-based system means lower costs and higher efficiencies, while giving business owners direct access and the ability to respond to changing demands.”

Euphoria Telecom currently provides business telephone services to over 600 businesses, including Galaxy and Co, Romans Pizza, Altech ISIS, and Groupon.

Quality of service

Golding says there is also a huge misconception that the quality of service on Internet calls or VoIP is poor.

“Euphoria Telecom is a world-class VoIP, cloud-based PBX service provider. Every part of our business – hardware, software, and staff – is run through quality control procedures,” he said.

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Ditch your landline for an Internet-based phone service