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The ins and outs of mobile marketing

Customers need to believe that posts on their social media feeds are relevant to them as individuals, while their privacy is not compromised.

Businesses should structure social marketing material with this consumer behaviour in mind.

However, there is only a fraction of a second available to grab a consumer’s attention. In that time, your marketing material needs to generate interest and interaction while succinctly delivering your message.

Often, this can be achieved with an eye-catching image to entice potential customers to explore and engage with your brand. Animated GIFs and other graphic formats can also help set you apart from your competitors.

One size won’t fit all

It takes more than just a strong visual element to grab the attention of consumers. Mobile phones and tablets are rapidly adopting more impressive technology.

Your marketing approach needs to reach a broad customer base with a large range of options, much like creating advertisements showcasing the different devices available today.

Getting into the user’s head

91% of adults keep their mobile phone within an arm’s reach and 90% of mobile searches lead to action, with over half leading to sales, so focusing on mobile marketing is essential for every business.

To successfully market to mobile users, emphasise the user experience since consumers use their mobile phones as a gateway to information, entertainment, their friends and family, and brand interaction through social networks.

More than just a mere extension of target marketing, you need to consider the following variables as you develop marketing material for mobile devices:

• Is the format readable across all devices?
• Are click-through buttons conveniently located?
• Is your second screen approach viable to your mobile audience?

Consider these questions from the perspective of the user, while keeping the diverse available platforms and the way different devices are used in mind.

Users on the move, who might be quickly checking their social media feeds before a meeting, need to be engaged quickly and efficiently.

Your business in your customer’s hands

Mobile marketing can give you access to the private lives of your customers, especially through social platforms. Unlike television or print advertising, your business is literally placed into the user’s hands.

Considering the speed of mobile technology development, your business needs to make the most of this opportunity to engage customers in this unique way.

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The ins and outs of mobile marketing