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Pirelli’s new sales calendar is a hit

A new app is doing wonders for Pirelli’s administration, and some of its internal calendar settings.

The Pirelli calendar is famous for its limited availability, carefully selected models and photographers, and desirability – and its new sales calendar is as much a success.

Willem Bolleurs, Pirelli South Africa Pricing and Sales Planner, said the app is just what the business needed to function at optimum levels.

“One of our area managers in Cape Town told us about Honeybee so we decided to give it a test run,” he said.

After a week-long trial last year, they decided it was superior to the sales app they had been using.

The app’s user-friendly layout and real-time reporting function were deciding factors when choosing Honeybee.

“We can actually go online and assist our sales team to achieve their targets. Order processes and general flow of information between and among managers has shown increased efficiency, especially when it comes to getting information about a customer.”

“We no longer need to call the call centre – all interaction history with customers is available at the tap of a finger,” he said.

The app allows managers to capture important data like customer credit limits, discount structure, targets, and more.

“This makes the area managers’ jobs much easier and speeds up most of the administrative duties.”

After a few months of using the app, Bolleurs says the advantages of Honeybee in comparison to other apps on the market is its flexibility.

“We can create more fields to add more information and this makes the tool of real benefit to the area managers.”

Communication between employees at Pirelli has also improved, thanks to the app’s high level of transparency.

“The fact that we have better communication at all levels of the business, we can only see benefit in increased workflow and sales in the future. If our business is more efficient, we can only improve everything we do.”

While Pirelli might need to apply a quota system for its various international offices with other apps, with Honeybee there will be no similar restrictions.

This is because the app can be adopted and adapted by as many companies, sales offices, or global markets as is needed.

Pirelli Singapore is now in talks with Field Office, the company that developed Honeybee, to take this clever sales management app to other Pirelli offices.

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Pirelli’s new sales calendar is a hit