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Symmetrical broadband for the SMME market

iBurst is offering an uncapped or bandwidth-on-demand solution that offers speeds of up to 40Mbps, with great quality of service due to a low contention ratio.

BusinessLink is a symmetrical broadband service, aimed at providing SME’s with high-quality broadband without the high prices associated with similar products.

The service offers a choice between 2Mbps, 5Mbps, 10Mbps, 20Mpbs, 30Mbps, and 40Mbps, and has a low contention ratio (up to a maximum ratio of 10:1) on a business-class network.

The service typically uses microwave technology in licensed spectrum, but can also use fibre if it is available.

iBurst BusinessLink pricing

The iBurst BusinessLink service is an alternative to other business connections, including bonded ADSL and leased line products.

It should therefore not be seen as an ADSL replacement, but rather as a business-level broadband product.

Subscribers have the choice of a bandwidth-on-demand or an uncapped service. With Bandwidth on Demand, you only pay for the data you use – making it cost effective for customers using less than 190GB of data a month.

Monthly prices range between R1,429 for a basic 2Mbps Bandwidth on Demand service, to R17,545 for the uncapped 40Mbps product. Bandwidth on Demand costs R12.50 per GB of data (incl VAT).

iBurst BusinessLink benefits

  • Uses microwave technology, or fibre for higher capacity links
  • Voice bundles and Cloudburst Voice available as additional options
  • Symmetrical offering – equally fast upload and download speeds
  • Perfectly suited for voice traffic
  • Includes a static public IP address (5 public IP addresses on request)
  • Immune to copper theft
  • Quick, professional installation
  • Minimal contention ratios
  • Bundled with CPE and device (default security protection)
  • End-to-end solution

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Symmetrical broadband for the SMME market