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How to save money with MWEB hotspots

MWEB offers access to a network of Wi-Fi hotspots both locally and internationally, allowing customers to save on mobile data usage.

MWEB is the only ISP in South Africa to offer local and International Wi-Fi access at no extra cost to subscribers.

This MWEB Wi-Fi benefit gives MWEB- Fon customers local and global Wi-Fi access, eliminating the need and cost of connecting to the internet with mobile data while on the move or travelling abroad.

This also allows MWEB customers to extend their connectivity to outside of their homes or businesses, increasing the connectivity they already have.

Packages available

MWEB has different tiers of benefits depending on specific packages.

ADSL customers with a Fon-enabled router join a global community of 15-million Wi-Fi Hotspots and can gain Internet access at any of these global hotspots for free.

These customers can also gain access to local Wi-Fi hotspots, such as malls and airports.

Additionally MWEB provides an amount of local Wi-Fi Access to 3G customers and ADSL customers without a Fon router.

Local MWEB-approved Wi-Fi hotspots can be found nationally, especially at popular places of interest like Malls and Airports.

wiMWEB Fon network coverage

The MWEB Fon Wi-Fi network has over 52,000 active hotspots in South Africa, with most users in Johannesburg, followed by Cape Town, Pretoria, and Durban.

The service lets subscribers share a portion of their ADSL bandwidth with other Fon users by using a Fon-enabled Wi-Fi router.

In exchange they receive access to Fon’s global community of 15 million Wi-Fi hotspots.

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How to save money with MWEB hotspots