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WAN optimisation service Aryaka launched in South Africa

WAN optimisation service Aryaka was recently brought to South Africa, and a few large corporate clients are now piloting the service. The feedback from these companies to date has been positive.

SDN Africa, the company which brought Aryaka to South Africa, said the quick and easy process to implement the Aryaka solution was behind the decision of many companies to test the service.

“Companies experiencing slow page loads, timeouts, and high latency on cloud services such as Office365, Azure,, and Amazon Web Services have approached us for trials to speed up their services,” said SDN Africa.

“Rather than implementing expensive onsite equipment and international links, with SDN Africa and Aryaka this can be done in 48 hours at a fraction of the cost.”

SDN Africa founders Brett Steingo and Hector Beyers explained that Aryaka’s model involves coupling a global, private network with cloud-based optimisation and enterprise CDN.

“The Aryaka network is designed for cloud-based WAN optimisation, offering customers cost-effective, scalable, and reliable connectivity between enterprise locations,” said Steingo.

The Aryaka solution is particularly suitable for multi-branch businesses which need to optimise their network performance and save on their IT spend.

A network presence on six continents makes it easy for large clients with a global presence to connect their operations without sacrificing performance.

SDN Africa invites companies which want to trial the service to contact it on the SDN Africa website.

This article was published in partnership with SDN Africa.

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WAN optimisation service Aryaka launched in South Africa