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The most dangerous town on the Internet

As the world grows more entwined with online living, cybercrime is fast becoming an issue which can no longer be ignored.

Whether you are an individual, a business, a governmental institution, or the Queen of England, there are ways for cybercriminals to access your private information.

“The Most Dangerous Town on the Internet” is a true-life documentary filmed in the Romanian town of Ramnicu Valcea.

This town is notorious for its cybercriminal activity and has been justly labelled Hackerville.

Director Sean Dune, in association with Norton Security, explores the motivation behind the activities of these men.

One would think once someone has gained access to Hillary Clinton’s private emails they would disappear without a trace – think again.

These men display a sense of honesty and humorous justification regarding their illegal habits.

One hacker (Iceman) even dared to capture and secure NASA’s email server in hopes of obtaining a job offer. Instead, he was charged with $500,000 worth of damage.

This feature by Dune goes the extra mile to reveal a war that most people are not even aware exists.

The combination of archived footage, urban landscapes, and gritty interviews are moulded together to expose a glimpse of a community living a parallel life to our own.

For the first time, four of the world’s most wanted hackers are put in front of a camera to share their full stories.

Most of the hackers are open and up front about their digital dealings. Even those currently living in maximum security prisons share their experiences to educate the world.

What one gains from this knowledge is an insider’s viewpoint as well as expert advice from those trained to seek them out and expose them.

As a viewer, I enjoyed the opportunity to dive into the depths of the Hackerville community.

To hear how easy it was for them to infiltrate such highly-guarded establishments and to what extent they could expose the most protected of secrets was surprising to say the least.

It is clear this is an attempt by Norton Security to inform the greater public of a real concern and they accomplished this without pushing any form of product.

The documentary has been created purely to educate the world about the extent to which one’s online life can be infiltrated, a reality needing to be disclosed and guarded against.

Edgy, real, gutsy, and 20 minutes in length, this narrative proves to be a solid offering, one which leaves the viewer wanting to know where else these people operate from and what will happen in the future.

Check out the documentary here.

Article by Gareth Woods

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The most dangerous town on the Internet