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Save money and time – ditch your outdated phone system

Reduce your costs and increase your productivity and mobility when you upgrade your company phone system to a virtual IP PBX.

Skywire offers an open standard Windows-based IP PBX that provides superior features, flexibility, unified communications, and unparalleled mobility at a far lower cost.

The SkyPBX solution is based on the 3CX phone system, and completely replaces a hardware PBX without the need for additional phone wiring.

It supports popular SIP phones, VoIP providers, and traditional PSTN lines; and its web-based management console makes it easy to configure – eliminating the need for expensive maintenance.

How 3CX works

The 3CX phone system runs on a Windows machine and connects to any SIP soft or hardware phones, and iPhones or Android smartphones as extensions.

External lines are connected using VoIP Gateways (keep your PSTN lines) or with a VoIP provider.

Users can avoid using a cryptic phone interface by managing their extension and their calls with just a few mouse clicks on Windows or directly from their iPhone or Android device.

While traditional PBXs require additional hardware modules and maintenance to add new features, such as auto-attendant and call queuing, they all come standard with a 3CX Phone System.

The 3CX phone system also integrates with popular CRMs such as SalesForce, Microsoft Dynamics, and Sage ACT.

The SkyPBX voice service

SkyWire’s virtual PBX is fully scalable and can be customised with the latest, future-rich PBX functionality – as per your own requirements.

Voice logging and call centre functionality are included, and support to such a virtual PBX can be done remotely.

There is no hardware to be upgraded if expansion is required, making the SkyPBX solution a huge cost saving alternative to legacy PBXs and the latest in telecoms solutions.

SkyWire’s turnkey solution includes:

  • National last mile coverage
  • Data
  • Voice
  • PBX

The solution can be financed, and SkyWire will assist through its finance partners.

The infographic below outlines the benefits of ditching your outdated phone system for a hosted, managed, and outsourced virtual IP PBX.

SkyPBX Infographic

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Save money and time – ditch your outdated phone system