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Win a million with MTN this summer

MTN has launched its summer campaign, with the tagline “With love, From MTN” which will turn five customers into millionaires. Larry Annetts, MTN South Africa’s sales and marketing executive provides more information on the campaign.

In the last weeks, South Africans woke up to MTN bill boards with emoticons and smiling faces. What is behind these happy faces?

It is our summer campaign, and relevance played a huge role in this campaign.

Emojis help us express our feelings, they complete our sentences and for some reason they appeal to us all.

The rationale behind this campaign is to thank our subscribers and customers for their support and patronage throughout the 21 years of our existence.

At MTN, we don’t forget our humble beginnings and where we came from.

We are always mindful of the significant contribution our customers have made to the growth and success of this great company.

This is why we want to put a smile on their faces and reward them just for staying on the MTN network during this summer.

So how does MTN plan on doing that?

There are a number of elements to this campaign that we hope will delight our customers.

At the heart of this campaign, MTN plans to turn five of its customers into millionaires over a 4 month period, with 2 millionaires being selected in December.

Each winner will be rewarded with a cash prize of R1 million.

What do interested contestants need to do in order to qualify?

Life is complicated as it is, and our intention is not to complicate it any further with this campaign.

To qualify for this grand prize, contestants must be MTN subscribers.

Customers stand a chance to pocket this grand prize just by:

  • Staying on the MTN network
  • Buying data bundles
  • Recharging airtime or purchasing a device
  • Signing up for a new contract or
  • Upgrading at any of the MTN branded stores.

How will the winners be selected?

The winner will be randomly selected at the beginning of each new month.

I also need to mention that making five millioners in five months is just a part of this initiative.

There are a number of activities that MTN will be undertaking as part of this exciting campaign.

Can you tell us more about the other elements of this campaign?

This campaign is underpinned by the message and tagline: “With love, From MTN”, so the activities we will be demonstrating the outpouring of love to our customers in a variety of exciting and, often, unexpected ways.

For example, in addition to the grand prize of a million rand a month, there will be weekly prizes of up to R250,000 up for grabs.

Another exciting element that I am looking forward to, will be the random acts of love and kindness that will be demonstrated across the country.

These unexpected acts of kindness are meant to delight, surprise, exhilarate and bring joy and laughter to the lucky recipients regardless of which network they are subscribed to.

What acts of kindness should people expect from MTN?

That’s the beauty about this element of the campaign, the beneficiary doesn’t have to write to us, or plead their case, it will happen randomly anywhere, anytime.

The indiscriminate and unscheduled nature of these acts of kindness is what makes exciting and exhilarating.

There are mounting pressures on consumer’s disposable income, and through these spontaneous deeds we plan to make our customer’s lives a little brighter.

For example, we just surprised a martial arts athlete who didn’t have funds to attend the All Japan Kyokushin Union World Cup Championship, which will be held near Frankfurt in Germany.

We are aware of how important attendance of this event is to her, her family and community. We are confident that he will do the country proud.

We have also delivered a phone to an 88 year old granny who was enquiring about the type of a phone she can use to send please call me to her children and grandchildren.

It seems like there is no set criteria for being the beneficiary of MTN’s generosity?

Absolutely not, we don’t want to let the cat out of the bag, but we will be showering lucky beneficiaries with love from MTN, watch this space.

This article was published in partnership with MTN.

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Win a million with MTN this summer