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Moving made easy with cloud telephony

Forget the huge cost and headache of relocating your on-site PBX – migrating to a cloud-based PBX provider as you move office will reduce it to a simple plug and play exercise.

A new campaign by Telviva, the managed service from cloud-based communications service provider Connection Telecom, raises awareness of the pain-free relocation of cloud-based business telephone systems.

The first 20 customers signed up to its communications service in response to the campaign will receive 20 portable SIP (session initiation protocol) handsets free.

Businesses moving at this time of year encounter enormous frustration when they discover that moving their on-site PBX incurs significant obstacles, cost and business interruption.

“Fortunately, there is a silver lining. Moving presents a golden opportunity to move to the cloud at the same time. It solves all the problems of moving your telephony, now and in future moves,” says Connection Telecom’s marketing and sales director, Sacha Matulovich.

He outlines the following advantages of migrating to a cloud-based PBX provider:

  • No hassle: Cloud-based communication is easy to transplant to another office, and requires minimal reconfiguration.
  • Proper incentive: Cloud-based providers provide communication as a service/hosted functionality, and therefore have a vested interest in facilitating a continued service relationship.
  • No downtime, no extra cost: The fact that a cloud-based service need not be moved means there is literally no interruption to the service.
  • Flexible and always optimal: A cloud PBX is by definition always optimally utilised, and charges can therefore never be inflated as per an on-site PBX.

The moving engagement with Connection Telecom reads more like a project plan than a sales contract, adds Matulovich.

First, it ports the customer’s numbers, so they keep the same ones. Next, it sets up the Telviva cloud-based PBX to offer the same or better (richer) functionality than before.

For the transition period, it sets up interim call routing, while in parallel it plans for implementation and handover.

For more information on Telviva’s latest campaign and special offer visit:

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Moving made easy with cloud telephony