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A look at the Aorus X5 – the ‘earth’s most powerful’ 15-inch laptop

There is no doubt that the Aorus X5 is a powerful gaming laptop, but G-SYNC and the Hardware Live Stream Engine put it in a class of its own.

While gamers love the latest gaming laptops, they found that they still need desktops for streaming which causes a bottleneck in performance and affects the in-game experience during streaming.

Aorus, together with AVerMedia, has now addressed this problem, presenting the world’s first built-in hardware encoder on laptops, taking mobile gaming another step closer to desktop.

Both the Hardware Live Stream Engine and G-SYNC are 100% gaming-oriented. Let’s take a closer look:

Hardware Live Stream Engine

When streaming or recording gameplay, the workload is handled by CPU or GPU.

Hardware Live Stream Engine from AORUS is a piece of dedicated hardware encoder that deals with the process, thus taking the workload off the CPU or GPU.

In our own streaming tests, the fps increased by 25-30% on average with the Hardware Live Stream Engine compared to without.

Although the test result may vary by games and settings, this clearly shows the benefit for gamers and streamers.

Every X5 comes with a quick setup guide on configuring XSplit Gamecaster, as well as for the Hardware Live Stream Engine.


The Aorus X5 also includes G-SYNC, which can synchronize display refresh rates to the GPU in your gaming laptop, and eliminates screen tearing and minimizing display stutter and input lag.

While playing games, gamers often encounter tearing (V-sync off), where 2 frames of your gameplay are shown in a single frame and an obvious “tear line” tears your frame into two parts horizontally.

To eliminate tearing, you have to turn on “V-sync mode” which forces the GPU to delay its screen updates until the display starts a new refresh cycle.

A single frame is displayed for a longer time, so the gameplay is unsmooth and graphic performance is also impacted— the most obvious is dropping fps.

In gameplay, both tearing and stutter hampers users from excellent gaming experience.

There wasn’t a solution for this in the past, but now with the best-in-class performance and G-SYNC technology breakthrough, AROUS X5/ X7 Pro-SYNC takes users to the frontier of gaming experience.

The following video shows G-SYNC in action.

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A look at the Aorus X5 – the ‘earth’s most powerful’ 15-inch laptop