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Become an Everyday Genius with cutting-edge technology

MediaTek is democratizing cutting-edge solutions to enable technology for the masses and not the chosen – everyone can be an Everyday Genius.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is forecasting a growth in the global middle class from 1.8 billion in 2009 to 4.9 billion in 2030.

This will increase the demand for the transformative technologies that connect individuals to each other, to communities, and to knowledge resources across the world.

The new middle class are using their new purchasing power to demand quality products and services that were previously available only to an elite few.

MediaTek leads the way

MediaTek’s cost-effective, highly efficient mobile device solutions are enabling consumers to better connect to the world around them by gaining access to cutting-edge technology at affordable prices.

The company provides systems-on-chips (SOCs) tightly integrated with the latest high-end technology, including innovative ARM CPU core architectures with GPU cores and LTE modems.

In collaboration with various partners and customers – such as AG Mobile, Tecno, Mobicell, and Vodafone – MediaTek allows manufacturers and carriers to leverage an inclusive and engaging ecosystem.

The MediaTek advantage

MediaTek’s 3G and 4G chipset solutions provide a comparative advantage to competitors’ mass-market solutions.

Its flagship mobile SOC family, named Helio, offers several industry-first technological advancements such as Tri-Cluster™ processor architecture, which arrange processor cores into three clusters to better manage CPU tasks and increase battery life.

Helio chipsets embark 8 to 10 cores which is also unique to MediaTek. The company was the first to offer True Octa-core™ mobile SOC platforms, using eight processing cores.

Yet, MediaTek’s leadership extends far beyond its flagship platforms.

Mid-range chipsets such as MT6580 and the MT6735 provide a significant comparative advantage to competitors’ mass-market solutions, with a focus on superior multimedia and power efficiency technological advancements.

Looking to the future of IoT

Besides, MediaTek is a leader in Home Entertainment and Connectivity and is also ahead of the curve for IOT including solutions for wearables.

MediaTek’s expertise of providing a wide range of leading technology solutions at affordable prices begins with the company’s mission to empower its partners with smart technology solutions that will inspire them to better connect the next billion people to the world around them.

By facilitating access to technology, MediaTek is enabling people to expand their horizons and more easily achieve their goals.

MediaTek believes that anyone can achieve something amazing and that they can do it every single day.

MediaTek calls this idea Everyday Genius. More than a slogan, it drives everything the firm does.

This article was published in partnership with MediaTek.

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Become an Everyday Genius with cutting-edge technology