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SDN Africa launches SaaS Express and IaaS Express

SDN Africa, an exclusive reseller of Aryaka technologies in Sub-Saharan Africa, has launched its latest Cloud Express products.

These products offer clients a much better performance on all their cloud-based services like Office 365,, SAPCloud, Google Apps, AWS, Azure, Dimension Data’s MCP, and Google Cloud.

“SDN Africa has worked closely with Aryaka to tailor solutions specifically for African companies connecting to cloud services,” said Brett Steingo, CEO of SDN Africa.

“The cloud market segment is different to the global network market in that companies often have a single link out of SA to one or two core services.”

“We have simplified our solution and reduced the price accordingly to cater for these scenarios.”

With the release of its Cloud Express products, SDN Africa provides fully-optimised network connectivity to SaaS and IaaS environments worldwide.

Compared to Internet transit, Cloud Express has shown the following results for SDN Africa clients:

  • 70% data reduction on
  • Sharepoint 100MB downloads reduced from 90 sec to 7 sec on one quarter of the bandwidth
  • Office 365 page-loads reduced from 10 seconds to under 1 second
  • 16 times the throughput between cloud environments in SA and Hong Kong

“MPLS or ‘ExpressRoute only’ cannot provide anything close to these improvements,” said Steingo.

For more information, visit SDN Africa.

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SDN Africa launches SaaS Express and IaaS Express