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Uncapped Unshaped ADSL from R399

Fast ADSL in South Africa has become a luxury.

Many ISP’s focus on dropping their prices to the bare minimum which in turn will force a higher contention ratio and lower priority on their products.

This leaves clients with an underperforming ADSL account and a lot of frustration.

In order to counter this downward drift, OpenWeb has launched a new Premium Uncapped Unshaped product that will allow clients to get an extremely high priority on the network and a very low contention ratio.

This will result in a very fast service which will deliver again and again without hassle.

OpenWeb CEO Keoma Wright says Premium Home Uncapped is unshaped and never throttled.

“Our discerning clients understand the value of Premium ADSL. They enjoy a faster, extremely redundant, unshaped experience.”

“The best aspect of a Premium product is the priority you get over other accounts. You are treated like royalty on and off the network. We have also introduced priority support for clients that have a premium product,” he adds.

Clients who have a premium product may email [email protected] to experience the first class support.

Home Uncapped Unshaped Premium pricing:

Package Speed Price
Home Uncapped Unshaped Premium 2Mbps R399More info
Home Uncapped Unshaped Premium 4Mbps R689More info
Home Uncapped Unshaped Premium 10Mbps R979More info
Home Uncapped Unshaped Premium 20Mbps R1999More info
Home Uncapped Unshaped Premium 40Mbps R2999More info

The network is shaped during busy periods and unshaped when the network is quiet.

For more information, or to order your product now, kindly visit:

Home Uncapped Premium is immediately available for Sale.

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Uncapped Unshaped ADSL from R399