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How email archiving can boost your business

The way we communicate has changed dramatically, and archiving it can increase productivity, provide business insights and keep you in control of your corporate knowledge.

Traditionally, archiving has solely been used to preserve and archive email, mainly for regulatory compliance, and that is where the process typically stopped.

But the marketplace has changed drastically, and you now need to manage all forms of electronic communication data in a way that is readily and easily accessible.

With the evolving nature of communication – including email, mobile, social and instant messaging – your archiving system needs to keep pace.

This shift – called Archiving 2.0 – is about making corporate communication data archives into an active data source to leverage information within the organization.

The following video from GWAVA and Info-Tech explains the shift in archiving and summarizes the advantages and importance of unified archiving.

What Archiving 2.0 means in your business

Your employees may be wasting hours trying to find and access relevant information, and this could be affecting your company’s competitiveness.

Your organization’s archive might contain years of collected customer communications, contracts, agreements, complaints and correspondence.

But with a legacy archiving system, how long would it take you to access this data? And how much longer would it take to sort the data into something useful?

Archiving 2.0 provides a Unified Archive, where you can search across your structured, unstructured and semi-structured data.

This provides increased employee productivity with built in tools that can be as simple as restoring a single email or as complex as performing eDiscovery.

This enables you to use your data archiving capabilities in a proactive sense and as a source of valuable business intelligence.

Introducing Retain 4 – for emails and more

Retain 4, released by GWAVA, is the Archiving 2.0 solution that archives all forms of messaging communication data.

Retain archives multi-platform email, social media, instant messaging, mobile and web search data in one central archive.

The solution provides the essential tools to quickly and easily access all your archived data for analytics and business intelligence, giving you the powerful Archiving 2.0 tools that you need.

For more information about Retain 4, visit

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How email archiving can boost your business