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Does Uncapped Unshaped ADSL really exist?

Most Internet Service Providers in South Africa offer Uncapped ADSL.

The problem however is that most fail to mention how badly they throttle you once you reach a mythical, secret usage limit.

The level of frustration that this causes to the unsuspecting client is equal to downloading an episode of the Simpsons on a 56k dial up modem.

Uncapped ADSL is a great invention.  Basically, you are offered an ‘all you can eat’ style internet buffet.

The only problem is, most ISP’s will limit your second helping to a quarter of your first, without warning.

OpenWeb is one of South Africa’s leading ISPs (they have been doing this for over 11 years now so they better be!).

A lot can be said for this company, but one things for sure, their products always lead the pack.

They were one of the first ISP’s to introduce Uncapped before it was all the rage.

One could say they have the most Uncapped experience of the bunch, and with this new offer they are again changing the landscape of broadband in the country.

Let us leave it to the Big Nerd or Paul Walters, OpenWeb Chief Engineer to explain:

“We have been working on the new Home Uncapped Premium product for over a year now.

We decided that the most irritating part of a Premium product is the mysterious Fair Usage Policy that punishes a client for using his ADSL line the way it was meant to.

We asked ourselves, what can we do to make the best, unbeatable Premium product in the country?

The answer was simple: Permanently remove the Fair Usage Policy that dictates how much you can use on an Uncapped account and turn it into South Africa’s first, proper, Unlimited, Unshaped no nonsense Uncapped product. 

From 23 March 2016, the Home Premium Uncapped Unshaped account will have NO soft cap, and will be Unshaped whether you use 1GB or 1000GB.”

Paul also informed us that they didn’t stop there.  ALL Home Uncapped Premium clients, current and new will benefit from the new rules.

He also added that ALL Home Uncapped Premium clients will also get the following bonus benefits with their ADSL data account:

  • FREE Mobile Data provided on a separate sim card to use when you travel. (The amount of mobile data depends on the package you take)
  • A FREE Bonus 50GB Capped Unshaped account you can give to a friend, family member or keep it all to yourself
  • Priority Email support 7 days per week

Home Uncapped Premium Products:

Package Speed Price
Completely Uncapped and Unshaped 2Mbps R399 More info
Completely Uncapped and Unshaped 4Mbps R689 More info
Completely Uncapped and Unshaped 8Mbps R799More info
Completely Uncapped and Unshaped 10Mbps R979More info
Completely Uncapped and Unshaped 20Mbps R1,999More info
Completely Uncapped and Unshaped 40Mbps R2,999More info

The packages are immediately available for sale and offer pro-rata billing.

For more information and to order, visit:

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Does Uncapped Unshaped ADSL really exist?