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SMSPortal partners with two worthy causes

Both Early Inspiration and Siyaya Skills Institute are now proud CSI (Corporate Social Investment) partners of leading software development house SMSPortal.

The number of South Africans out of work is now at its highest level since 2005.

One of the key issues facing the South African labour market is an excess of unskilled labour.

It is heartening then that organisations like the Siyaya Skills Institute are tackling the dire shortage of skills that is keeping unemployment in double-digit territory.

Also playing its part in building a better South Africa, but with the focus on children, is Early Inspiration.

Early Inspiration’s guiding vision is to change children’s lives in South Africa.

The Port Elizabeth-based organisation directly and indirectly positively impacts almost 10 000 children that it is working to develop into ambitious, confident, knowledgeable and dynamic leaders through teacher training, home visits and parent programmes in underprivileged communities.

SMSPortal’s support has meant many more teachers can be trained in communities around PE.

SMSPortal has also been fortunate to work with Siyaya Skills Institute and was so impressed with the enthusiasm displayed by the organisation’s management and trainers, that it entered into learnership agreements with 14 historically-disadvantaged and disabled learners who are now being equipped with valuable skills to help them better compete in the job market.

According to Charles Stretch, SMSPortal managing director:

Setting up skills development institutes such as Siyaya was a brilliant initiative. Ensuring they achieve their goals requires the support of business and I’d encourage more firms to get involved for the sake of a brighter South African future. We love the fact that we are involved with both sides of the CSI coin, so to speak. We’re working with Early Inspiration to build good foundations and with Siyaya to create great workers.”

SMSPortal covers all the training fees for the Siyaya learners and they are also paid a monthly stipend which greatly increases the chances they will finish their courses as they are able to sustain themselves during training.

After being equipped with the necessary skills, the learners are deployed to schools and other community-based organisations where they have the opportunity to further hone their skills while helping their communities.

This article was published in partnership with SMSPortal.

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SMSPortal partners with two worthy causes