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XDSL launches new partner programme – with bigger margins

XDSL, a local ISP with a strong national network and a focus on enterprise customers, has launched a re-strategised Partner Programme that puts bigger margins – up to 18% – on the table for resellers and partners.

This will support the company’s growth in key market segments as it launches its 2016 product range and its strategy to become the preferred ISP for the ICT industry.

XDSL’s new Partner Programme provides a tiered structure for partners and resellers based on their sales, technical, financial, value-add and support capabilities.

It’s a well-considered strategy that bucks the current trend in this sector to pare back margins and cut out the middle-man.

As the price war on fibre heats up, margins are eroded, and ownership of the client becomes paramount.

“By putting some of the profits back on the table for these valuable industry players, and including value adding features that make our solutions attractive to our partners and their clients, XDSL will be able to leverage a national network of experienced, motivated partners alongside its own strong technical teams.

“This will help us grow our brand and business with the help of a committed team of specialists,” notes XDSL CEO Danie Fourie.

XDSL’s Partner Programme is specifically tailored to also capture the ICT market.

“As businesses increase their use of digital, cloud and other high-bandwidth services, provision and management of communication infrastructure and capacity is becoming integral to the delivery of ICT services,” explains Fourie.

“XDSL makes it possible for ICT companies, whether they offer only ISP services or a sophisticated outsourced ICT service portfolio, to provide their customers with well-priced, fully supported and proven solutions. This includes ADSL/VDSL lines to fibre, Internet, hosting, IP PABX, firewall and other services.”

The Partner Programme has three levels:

  • Partner Level 1: With almost no overheads and the lowest risk, XDSL partners on this level make use of XDSL’s brand and its strong suite of sales tools, easy to use sales platform and processes. XDSL directly invoices and supports the customer, while the partner earns the commissions and discounts as Level 2 and 3 partners.
  • Partner Level 2: Level 2 partners will relabel the XDSL service, adding their own unique value propositions and selling points. These partners will render first and second line support to the customers, taking the full financial risk.
  • Partner Level 3: Level 3 partners are virtual ISPs that will purchase Layer 2 services from XDSL. These partners will have advanced technical capabilities and will develop their own portfolio, own Public IP ranges and supply their own onsite switching equipment.

All three partner levels will have full access to XDSL’s range of products.

XDSL’s 2016 range of products are aggressively priced and are backed by XDSL’s very capable technical team.

There are also key value-adds, such as the free VoIP bundle (a free VoIP number, line, phone and installation) that comes with every fibre broadband sale.

“At present, the ISP market offers resellers and partners about 8 percent commission. XDSL offers its partners 14 percent to 18 percent in discounts on monthly revenues,” notes Fourie.

“We believe this win-win strategy will assist us to grow our business nationally and look forward to building a strong network of providers and community of partners.”

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XDSL launches new partner programme – with bigger margins