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Euphoria – the business phone system that just makes sense

Still living in that world – the one with poor customer service, high costs for business services, murky answers to technical problems, long contracts for services you never receive? Yes, that world.

The sad reality is that for many South African businesses, this is still the way business is done and many of these businesses spend huge amounts of money on a monthly basis for services they either never receive – or worse – don’t understand.

One of the business services offered in this way are business telephone services, PBX or VoIP products.

The truth is, modern versions of these services are much simpler to deploy, cost far less than what you would assume, do not require specialised in house skills, reduce reliance on costly in house infrastructure and are actually easy to purchase and use.

If are making a change, remember these 5 key elements of Euphoria’s business phone system that will give your business a competitive edge.

Made in SA for SA

Many business phone systems are developed and supported internationally.

While this might seem like a smart idea, it often simply means an “off the shelf” business phone system, ill-equipped to manage the unique infrastructure requirements of a SA business.

Access to support and custom product development is nearly impossible and customer service levels drop significantly.

The cost of these systems are also much higher due to unstable exchange rates.

No long term contracts

Euphoria believes in providing customers with a service that consistently meets and exceeds their business needs.

The flexibility of month to month contracts re-enforces Euphoria’s promise to always deliver a world class product and excellent customer service – every time.

Toll Fraud Prevention

Toll fraud is the unauthorised use of phone system to make numerous premium rated international calls.

A hacked business phone system can have a significant negative financial impact on a business if allowed and left undetected, for even a few hours.

Euphoria has 4 layers of security features, designed to prevent toll fraud hacking from accessing your business telephone system and using it.

All of these features are standard and easy to configure – giving our customers peace of mind their business phone system is secure.

Customer Service that Cares

Euphoria actually cares about all our customers’ businesses and as a result customers have become our most valuable marketing tool.

With over 1000 business customers using Euphoria’s product, outstanding service, business ethos and culture – most customers turn into our brand ambassadors.

Empowering customers

Euphoria has built the system to be simple enough for all users to configure and manage all the system functions, without needing an extensive set of skills.

If a user wants to change “on hold music’, and after hours cell number or reconfigure ‘business hours’ – it’s as simple as a click of a button from your web browser.

Think before and after Internet Banking. Once you have control, you can never do without it again.

With a rapidly growing customer base and five listed companies on its books, Euphoria is fast becoming South Africa’s first choice for business telephone services.

Visit Euphoria’s website and make contact for a demo –

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Euphoria – the business phone system that just makes sense