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Sit your way to a productive day

Did you know that you sit more than you sleep?

That’s why you need a quality chair to support your posture throughout the day.

After all, did you know your posture directly affects your productivity at work?

The health benefits of having the correct posture while sitting at a desk have been well documented.

Some of the main examples include improving your breathing, digestion, comfort and even your mood.

Even though these benefits may seem irrelevant for productivity, Dr. Erik Peper from the San Francisco State University has done research to suggest otherwise.

Improved physical and mental health means that you will be more alert and will have more acute concentration. Thus, aiding in productivity and efficiency.

Are you aware that hunching in your seat can even affect the amount of oxygen you consume?

It is suggested that a bad posture could potentially cause you to breath in up to 30% less oxygen when compared to someone who sits upright.

The decreased level of oxygen makes your body susceptible to fatigue, making it more difficult to sustain your energy throughout your day.

Dr. Peper’s research assessed the body’s subjective energy level when hunched over and his findings indicated that incorrect posture and seating can significantly influence your attitude during work hours.

Correct posture while sitting at a desk
Correct posture while sitting at a desk

All Office understands your office needs and offers you a range of ergonomic office chairs from Herman Miller, designed to help people do great things and organisations perform at their best.

Herman Miller chairs have been specifically designed to support the biomechanics of human movement.

These chairs know what your body needs better than you do.

They are built with technologies such as PostureFit, Pixelated Support, Kinematic Spine and Lyris Suspensions.

These top of the line technologies have been combined by Herman Miller to give you the ultimate office chair.

These chairs offer the ergonomic support that your body craves for a productive and healthy day while offering the epitome of office luxury.

Aside from giving you total support, their stylish design will turn a normal working area into a AAA grade office space.

These chairs will lift so much more than your posture, they will uplift your office environment.

All Office has supplied furniture to meet the needs of leading institutions, such as Chester House, Absa Capital, British American Tobacco and Absa Alice Lane.

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The following infographic outlines the importance of good posture while sitting.

All Office - Herman Muller infographic
All Office – Herman Muller infographic

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Sit your way to a productive day