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Do you love cutting edge software development – Euphoria is hiring!

The world of technology continues to grow and Euphoria is at the cutting edge of innovation here in South Africa.

“Giving world class technology products and excellent customer service to businesses in our country is critical to our mission” says Golding, CEO of Euphoria Telecom.

The rapid uptake and confidence in Euphoria’s product has earned the company a strong reputation in the industry.

Starting out in 2010, the company now proudly hosts over 1000 business customers in South Africa, including listed companies and well known corporate brands like Galaxy & Co, Famous Brands and Groupon.

“The growth and success of our company is grounded in our business culture and ethos. Our work place is a place of inspiration, team effort, strong relationships and a belief that every person’s individual contribution can have a positive impact” says Golding.

The business has adopted its own unique business and management style, creating an environment where people can truly enjoy their work.

There is huge emphasis placed on self-management, job satisfaction and creating value for both the business and more importantly for employees.

Conrad de Wet, Euphoria CTO said the following:

We are more like a family than just work colleagues. As a team, we focus more time and energy on being productive and adding value, instead of conforming to the status quo. We live in the age of technology, which means our team members don’t need to be desk bound, strapped in and bored by their surroundings, we can work from anywhere, as long as we are adding value at the end of each day. You have to remember that people spend a third or more of their lives working, we make sure our team is excited about work while maintaining a health work life balance. This is especially important for our software developer’s, who need the freedom to think outside the box and bring inspiration to the table. We don’t expect our developers to think outside the box from inside a cubicle!

Pizza Friday’s at Euphoria might sound a bit cheesy but those are the days when the team gets a chance to come together, catch up on all sorts of things, foster relationships and share ideas.

And it doesn’t end there, regular days out on the town with the team and their family’s make it easier to find that perfect work life balance by integrating work and personal.

In the past, it was expected that a person would be different at work and again at home.

This isn’t the reality – Euphoria knows this and encourages work life balance.

Euphoria is growing rapidly is looking for software developers who aren’t satisfied with developing just anything.

“We seek out individuals who are a natural fit to our culture, who are inspired by what we do and who are willing to commit to our mission and vision.

“The most important quality is to show up with passion for the cause – that is what makes our employee’s ‘true Euphorians.’”

For more information on positions available and to submit your application, visit Euphoria’s careers page.

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Do you love cutting edge software development – Euphoria is hiring!